Spanish Journals

Here you can navigate the online journals with latest findings on Spanish Learning and Teaching research, Spanish exercises, Spanish culture, and much more.

Be up to date with the latest teaching methods and strategies. Discover how Spanish learners perform on several methodological treatments used in the Spanish classroom.


The most well known journals for Spanish as a Foreign Language:

Marco ELE

Revista redELE

Revista Nebrija


More journals:

Centro Virtual Cervantes


Ruta ELE


Revista Carabela


Revista electrónica del lenguaje

Journal of Spanish Language Teaching


Journals with a variety of content:

habla tu revista digital

punto y coma


List of other websites that include more journals for profesors of Spanish as a Foreign Language:

Revistas dirigidas a los profesores de ELE

Profesores de ELE

ELD y ELE español / lengua extranjera

El rincon del profesor de ELE