Other Web Resources

The following websites show a variety of exercises and resources to practice your Spanish by level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced) or by skill (reading, writing, listening, vocabulary, and grammar):


Reading – Listening – Grammar

Aveteca at Centro Virtual Cervantes


Reading Skills

Practical Spanish   |   Spanish-resources.com   |   Spanish4teachers.org   |   Spanish Romance


Writing Skills

Type Spanish accents


Listening Skills

Spanish.about.com   |   Spanish pronunciation of alphabet



Spanish4teachers.org   |   Study Spanish   |   Equivalencia de ingredientes España – Latinoamérica



Spanish4teachers.org   |   Study Spanish   |   Free Spanish tests exercises   |   Test your Spanish level


Other websites of Spanish resources:

List of 60 more resources websites   |   donquijote.org – Spanish Language Resources  

Fluent in 3 months   |   Spanish Proficiency Exercises at University of Texas – Austin  

Learn Spanish   |   BBC   |   Learn practical Spanish online   |   Fluentu   |   Yabla   |   Audiria